WellSense Care Alliance Medicaid ACO

The Tufts Medicine Medicaid ACO, WellSense Care Alliance, launched April 1, 2023.

On this page you will find helpful links, handouts and other resources to support your primary care practice over the next five years.

If you are looking for recorded webinars on the Medicaid ACO, please visit the Tufts Medicine “Webinar Series” page found here.


Website and Contact Information:

WellSense ACO Provider Website: https://www.wellsense.org/providers/ma/accountable-care-organizations

WellSense Provider Line: 888-566-0008

WellSense Provider Relations Email: provider.info [at] wellsense.org

Tufts Medicine Medicaid ACO Email: Medicaid_ACO [at] tuftsmedicine.org



MassHealth Drug List A-Z

MassHealth ACO/MCO Specialty Drug List

MCPAP Enrollment Form 2022 - For ACOs

CBHI Roster for Primary Care Practices (for PID/SLs) - Template

TMIN Central Resource Department Information

TMIN Care Management & Pharmacy Referral Form


Patient Handouts & Flyers: