What is EpicEdge Community? 

This ambulatory extension of Epic in the community offers practices the full benefits of Epic's proven EHR at an affordable cost:

True Coordination of Care

True Coordination of Care



Follow your patient's progress across the entire Tufts Medicine continuum as well as from many health care systems in our geographic area and across the

Financial Privacy 

Financial Privacy 

Keep your financial information separate and accessible only to authorized users at your practice.

Increased Patient Satisfaction

Increased Patient Satisfaction

Empower your patients with a patient portal that allows them to request refills, view lab results, schedule appointments and complete questionnaires for patient reported data.

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The links below direct you to the EpicEdge intranet. 

Appointment reminders 

Charge Capture 

Department Appointments Report (DAR) 

Dragon and Powermic 

Edgeucatoin Guides 

ePrescribing and Refill Management 

Erroneous Encounter 

Front Desk Check In and Out 

Immunization Inventory and Administration 

InBasket & Pools 

Lab Workflows 

Letters to Patients 

Nurse Triage 

Orders Workflows 

Playground Generic User Logins 

Pre-charting and Rooming 

Referrals and Authorizations 

Registration Workflows and Eligibility 


Workflow Dress Rehearsal 



Tiger Connect

TigerConnect represents a single, consolidated communication platform across Tufts Medicine. There is one directory for all users from Tufts Medical Center, Lowell General Hospital/Circle Health, MelroseWakefield, and Home Health Foundation called “Tufts Medicine.”

What does this mean for you?

  • All EpicEdge Community users can communicate seamlessly via TigerConnect.
  • TigerConnect should be used for any messaging that contains PHI (protected health information) because that content needs to be sent on a secure platform.

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