What is EpicCare Link?

EpicCare Link gives community physicians (such as referring physicians) and their staff, access to a subset of patient data within the Tufts Medicine Epic system.

Community physicians, and a variety of other clinical and clerical roles, can access EpicCare Link to review patient charts, engage in two-way secure messaging and complete other tasks. One of the greatest benefits of utilizing EpicCare Link is to improve the continuity of care in the community.


If you are interested in enrolling in EpicCare Link, click here.

Please contact epiccarelink [at] tuftsmedicine.org with any questions.


Trainings On Demand:

(coming soon)

Visit our EpicEdge Intranet site for trainings 



Once logged into EpicCare Link, you will have access to tipsheets on the following topics:

  • Getting Started
  • Managing Your Clinic
  • User Appointments
  • Releases of Information
  • In-Basket
  • Patient Chart
  • SmartTools
  • Orders
  • Reports
  • Referrals